Contact Center Audit

I offer a 'light version' (5 consultancy days including report and presentation) that starts from the vision and mission of the company, focusing on the distribution and contact strategy (shops, CC, website, mobile, chat , ..) and finally analyzing the situation of the contact center. Ultimately, this results in a brief SWOT analysis and identification of quick wins.

The extensive audit (10-15 consultancy days) goes much more in depth on a number of key elements of the contact center:

- Organization chart / Management / Supporting functions
- Scope and organization of activities
- Workspace, tools and infrastructure
- Organization of skilling
-Current processes (in CC and from a broader perspective)
- Human resources (recruitment, training, career, contract, compensation & benefits)
- Monitoring & Reporting

Contact Center Transformation plan

After the audit, or based on an internal or other external audit I establish together with the management a transformation plan including improvement tracks, quick wins and project proposals.

Contact Center project management

: I guide companies in the decision process of setting up contact center operations - externally or in house - as part of their contact strategy. Once the decision taken, I can accompany the company for the project management from start until implementation.

Definition and adaptation of the contact strategy

Together with you, we establish a contact strategy that determines which target groups are served via what type of channels. All aspects are looked at: as well information, service, advice and sales are covered.